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Action Can AC-90


product information

  • UNF Full Thread Rod,
  • Threaded rod, also known as FTR, Full Thread, Threaded Steel, Stud, All Thread
  • Fully Threaded Rod is a relatively long rod that is threaded the entire length,
  • Fully Threaded Rod is generally manufactured using the thread rolling process,
  • Full bodied (Thread Cut) Full Thread have a shank equal to the major diameter of the thread,
  • Undercut (Thread Rolled) Full Thread have a shank equal to the pitch diameter of the screw thread,
  • Thread Rolled Full Thread is stronger because the metal is "rolled" up to the major diameter, not removed. This does not disturb the grain of the steel.
  • Steelmasters can manufacture Full Thread Rod to your requirements. Click here to Contact Us Now.

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1 X 2FT UNF BLK FTR 1 X 2FT UNF BLK FTR" Code: 16FOF24B        $202.3234 NZD (Each) 
1.1/8 X 2FT UNF BLK FTR 1.1/8 X 2FT UNF BLK FTR Code: 18FOF24B        $141.9200 NZD (Each) 
1.1/4 X 2FT UNF BLK FTR 1.1/4 X 2FT UNF BLK FTR Code: 20FOF24B        $198.2220 NZD (Each) 

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