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Action Can AC-90

Light Round Washers

product information

  • The most simple form of washers, from flat steel having a round outer shape and round inner hole for the fastener,
  • Designed for assembly around a bolt or screw,
  • Designed to sit between the bearing surface of the fastener and the part to which it is attached,
  • Round washers are used to improve stress distribution and to span large clearance holes,
  • Used in manufacturing, maintenance and repair.
  • Grade 316 deisgned for use with Grade 316 stainless fasteners in general application where parts used are subject to corrosion,

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M3 x 7 x 0.9 G316 LIGHT WASHER M3 x 7 x 0.9 G316 LIGHT WASHER Code: AWRI6  Grade 316     
M4 x 9 x 0.8 G316 LIGHT WASHER M4 x 9 x 0.8 G316 LIGHT WASHER Code: BWRI6  Grade 316    M4 
M5x10x.9 G316 LIGHT WASHER M5x10x.9 G316 LIGHT WASHER Code: CWRI6  Grade 316    M5 
M6x12.5x1.2 G316 LIGHT WASHER M6x12.5x1.2 G316 LIGHT WASHER Code: DWRI6  Grade 316    M6 
M8x17x1.2 G316 LIGHT WASHER M8x17x1.2 G316 LIGHT WASHER Code: EWRI6  Grade 316     
M10x22x1.6 G316 LIGHT WASHER M10x22x1.6 G316 LIGHT WASHER Code: FWRI6  Grade 316     
M12x24x1.5 G316 LIGHT WASHER M12x24x1.5 G316 LIGHT WASHER Code: GWRI6  Grade 316     
M16x30x1.6 G316 LIGHT WASHER M16x30x1.6 G316 LIGHT WASHER Code: HWRI6  Grade 316     
M20x37x1.6 G316 LIGHT WASHER M20x37x1.6 G316 LIGHT WASHER Code: IWRI6  Grade 316    M20 
M24x48x1.6 G316 LIGHT WASHER M24x48x1.6 G316 LIGHT WASHER Code: KWRI6  Grade 316    M24 
3/16x1/2x.9 G316 FLAT WASHER 3/16x1/2x.9 G316 FLAT WASHER Code: 03WRI6  Grade 316     
1/4x5/8x18G G316 RND WASHER 1/4x5/8x18G G316 RND WASHER Code: 04WRIL6  Grade 316     

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