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Action Can AC-90


product information

  • BSW Stanard BS 2470, INCH Standard ANSI B18.3 1986,
  • Shoulder bolts are a hex socket head screw with an enlarged, unthreaded, cylindrical shoulder under the head, the diameter of which servers as the basis for the derivation of the nominal size,
  • Used for rotating or sligin applications, such as pulley shafts, in punch and die work, or as a bearing pin,
  • Should bolts also known as should screws,

Allen Key Size

Should Bolt DiameterAllen key Size


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1/4(3/16)x1/2 SKT SHOULDER SCR 1/4(3/16)x1/2 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 04MRSC02B  Black      $12.3282 NZD (Each) 
1/4(3/16)x3/4 SKT SHOULDER SCR 1/4(3/16)x3/4 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 04MRSC03B  Black      $9.3834 NZD (Each) 
1/4(3/16)x1 SKT SHOULDER SCR 1/4(3/16)x1 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 04MRSC04B  Black      $10.1441 NZD (Each) 
1/4(3/16)x1.1/4 SKT SHOULDER 1/4(3/16)x1.1/4 SKT SHOULDER Code: 04MRSC05B  Black      $10.6513 NZD (Each) 
1/4(3/16)x1.1/2 SKT SHOULDER 1/4(3/16)x1.1/2 SKT SHOULDER Code: 04MRSC06B  Black      $10.9049 NZD (Each) 
1/4(3/16)x3/8 SKT SHOULDER SCR 1/4(3/16)x3/8 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 04MRSC38B  Black      $8.6226 NZD (Each) 
1/4(3/16)x5/8 SKT SHOULDER SCR 1/4(3/16)x5/8 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 04MRSC58B  Black      $9.1297 NZD (Each) 
5/16(1/4)x1/2 SKT SHOULDER SCR 5/16(1/4)x1/2 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 05MRSC02B  Black      $10.7714 NZD (Each) 
5/16(1/4)x3/4 SKT SHOULDER SCR 5/16(1/4)x3/4 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 05MRSC03B  Black      $11.1585 NZD (Each) 
5/16(1/4)x1 SKT SHOULDER SCREW 5/16(1/4)x1 SKT SHOULDER SCREW Code: 05MRSC04B  Black      $11.6658 NZD (Each) 
5/16(1/4)x1.1/4 SKT SHOULDER 5/16(1/4)x1.1/4 SKT SHOULDER Code: 05MRSC05B  Black      $11.9193 NZD (Each) 
5/16(1/4)x1.1/2 SKT SHOULDER 5/16(1/4)x1.1/2 SKT SHOULDER Code: 05MRSC06B  Black      $12.4253 NZD (Each) 
5/16(1/4)x1.3/4 SKT SHOULDER 5/16(1/4)x1.3/4 SKT SHOULDER Code: 05MRSC07B  Black      $13.4446 NZD (Each) 
5/16(1/4)x2 SKT SHOULDER SCR 5/16(1/4)x2 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 05MRSC08B  Black      $13.6994 NZD (Each) 
5/16(1/4)x3/8 SKT SHOULDER SCR 5/16(1/4)x3/8 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 05MRSC38B  Black      $10.6513 NZD (Each) 
5/16(1/4)x5/8 SKT SHOULDER SCR 5/16(1/4)x5/8 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 05MRSC58B  Black      $10.9049 NZD (Each) 
3/8(5/16)x1/2 SKT SHOULDER SCR 3/8(5/16)x1/2 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 06MRSC02B  Black      $13.4446 NZD (Each) 
3/8(5/16)x3/4 SKT SHOULDER SCR 3/8(5/16)x3/4 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 06MRSC03B  Black      $14.1969 NZD (Each) 
3/8(5/16)x1 SKT SHOULDER SCR 3/8(5/16)x1 SKT SHOULDER SCR Code: 06MRSC04B  Black      $14.7065 NZD (Each) 
3/8(5/16)x1.1/4 SKT SHOULDER 3/8(5/16)x1.1/4 SKT SHOULDER Code: 06MRSC05B  Black      $15.4710 NZD (Each) 

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