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Action Can AC-90

Truss Head All Aluminium Rivet Aluminium Stem

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Why Use Blind Rivets

  •  Speed of application:- From an applied cost standpoint blind rivets are hard to beat. Upward of fifteen rivets per minute can be set without fixturing or the use of high cost skilled labour.
  • Versatility:- Few fasteners offer the versatility that blind rivets do. As the name implies, you only need access to one side of the work surface to apply blind rivets. This, of course, simplifies the application process too. Blind rivets are available in many different types, seizes and materials. Some rivets are suitable for tacking together two pieces of light gauge sheet while others can meet the requirements of the most demanding structural application.
  • Simplicity:- Unlike other types of mechanical fasteners, Blind Rivets cannot be under torques. Over torqued or set loose. The design and function of the fastener absolutely prevents it. Properly used, rivets can cut quality control problems to a bare minimum.
  • Click Here for Rivet Chart,
  • Click Here for Rivet Information.

Truss Head Rivets

  • Truss head rivets most common and readily available rivet in the market place,
  • Truss Head Rivets is used for most industrial applications,
  • 73 denotes Truss head rivet,
  • AS denotes Rivet material Shell Material Aluminium(A), Stem Material Steel(S),
  • Compatibility of materials should be taken into account when selecting the type of rivet to be used, thus to avoid Galvanic Corrosion. Click here for Rivet Compatibility Chart

Diameters and Hole Size                                        

Rivet Grip Length


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73AS6-20 AL RIVET BULK 73AS6-20 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS6-20        $1.9088 NZD (Each) 
73AS6-22 AL RIVET BULK 73AS6-22 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS6-22        $2.2024 NZD (Each) 
73AS6-3 AL RIVET BULK 73AS6-3 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS6-3        $0.2642 NZD (Each) 
73AS6-3  AL RIVET HANG PACK 73AS6-3 AL RIVET HANG PACK Code: R73AS6-3HP        $24.4502 NZD (Each) 
73AS6-4 AL RIVET BULK 73AS6-4 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS6-4        $0.2790 NZD (Each) 
73AS6-4  AL RIVET HANG PACK 73AS6-4 AL RIVET HANG PACK Code: R73AS6-4HP        $25.1054 NZD (Each) 
73AS6-5 AL RIVET BULK 73AS6-5 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS6-5        $0.2937 NZD (Each) 
73AS6-6 AL RIVET BULK 73AS6-6 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS6-6        $0.4698 NZD (Each) 
73AS6-6  AL RIVET HANG PACK 73AS6-6 AL RIVET HANG PACK Code: R73AS6-6HP        $26.8285 NZD (Each) 
73AS6-8 AL RIVET BULK 73AS6-8 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS6-8        $0.4992 NZD (Each) 
73AS6-8  AL RIVET HANG PACK 73AS6-8 AL RIVET HANG PACK Code: R73AS6-8HP        $23.2611 NZD (Each) 
73AS8-10  AL RIVET BULK 73AS8-10 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS8-10        $1.4949 NZD (Each) 
73AS8-12 AL RIVET BULK 73AS8-12 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS8-12        $1.5417 NZD (Each) 
73AS8-16 AL RIVET BULK 73AS8-16 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS8-16        $1.6188 NZD (Each) 
73AS8-4 AL RIVET BULK 73AS8-4 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS8-4        $0.9984 NZD (Each) 
73AS8-6 AL RIVET BULK 73AS8-6 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS8-6        $1.1585 NZD (Each) 
73AS8-8 AL RIVET BULK 73AS8-8 AL RIVET BULK Code: R73AS8-8        $1.1745 NZD (Each) 

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