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Tent Pegs


  • Spike with a bent 45 degree hook on one end
  • Used for driving into the ground to hold down a tent directly or tent guide ropes
  • Can be used in snow, soft soil, sand
  • For larger tents use the larger diameter and length tent pegs
  • Weather conditions may effect performance of tent pegs

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6MM  X 230 ZP TENT PEGS 6MM X 230 ZP TENT PEGS Code: X148  Zinc Plated      $2.3980 NZD (Each) 
9MM  X 300 ZP TENT PEGS 9MM X 300 ZP TENT PEGS Code: X149  Zinc Plated      $4.4110 NZD (Each) 
11MM X 450 ZP TENT PEGS 11MM X 450 ZP TENT PEGS Code: X150  Zinc Plated      $7.8320 NZD (Each) 

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