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Action Can AC-90


We offer a fast turn around on Hot Dip Galvanizing, try us today!

Bath Size: Length 3m x Width 1m x Depth 1m

Centrifuging Spinning: available for Hot Dip Galvanizing Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Clips, Brackets and smaller metal materials. This process is where a spinning centrifuge systems is used. Contact us now so we can help you.

Dipping: available for Hot Dip Galvanizing Channels, I Beams, Large Brackets, Trailer Parts, Mud Guards, Anchors, Chains, Wheel rims & more. Contact Us now so we can help you.

Single Dipping:  up to 1.2m in length

Channels & I Beams single dipping: up to 3m in length

Double Dipping: up to 1.8m in length

Channels & I Beams double dipping:  up to 4m in length


Chain: up to 110kg in one length and any size.

Trailer Parts: all trailer parts

Trailers: Unable to galvanize trailers of any size

Wheel Rims: galvanizing of any size available


 Galvanizing process diagram shows the flow of the product for the galvanizing process. This is an example only diagram, the actual Galvanizing process may vary depending on your requirements.

 Dipping Process


Galvanzing Auckland Ltd November 2011




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